1st day at MBA

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After two weeks of somewhat busy orientation, today was the first day in class. Although the orientation had a  pre-term accounting course and given a taste of the class, assignment and even a test to end it, today was still officially the first day in class.

Listening to the experience and diversity of the classmates, realizing the experiences of the teachers, I again wondered if I really was sitting in this class. It is strange that even after two weeks of this college, sometimes I still wonder if this is real. Looking back at the last two years when I was following this school, the admission process, the results, the other process of getting here – it still hasn’t sunk in that I am doing MBA and at US, and at Smeal.

I met few more 2nd years who are just back from an intern experience and few with job offers.

Talking about the class – I wish I could just concentrate on the subjects rather than bother about the career fairs just like I wish I could just browse internet at home rather than cook and clean !

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