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August 16th 2009 in General

Last week has been a breeze. Meeting new people, understanding new ways etc etc. As usual, there is never enough time to write about all that I want to.

Why talk about last week, last few months were very busy. There were so many things going on in my mind that I was more often than not absent minded. I realized the importance and value of many things in life.

The todo list ever kept growing.

I closed some ends, some not in the way I would have wished to.

It was quite messy and hurried at the end, with mounting confusions and uncertainties. I wish I had better sanity and patience at many circumstances.

And am here, State College. I am possibly going through another transition in life, the only thing that continues is that I will continue to observe and understand people.

Wish I could jot down regular thoughts and updates.

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Today is my last working at office. I will be back to student life.

Since almost my early career, I have sent a good morning quote on every day I went to work, just before I started working. I have written about them earlier here.

I am putting an end to it now. (May be temporary, may […]

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After two weeks of somewhat busy orientation, today was the first day in class. Although the orientation had a  pre-term accounting course and given a taste of the class, assignment and even a test to end it, today was still officially the first day in class.

Listening to the experience and diversity of the classmates, realizing […]

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