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I was earlier than normal days that day. I wonder what had made me go early there. There is a freshness in the atmosphere and the cool breeze only increased the pleasantness. I am little happier for whatsoever reason. Oh! There she comes. Looking beautiful in that probably new dress. Is that a miracle ? I remember now that I had woken up after a dream and she was certainly in the dream. And something in my dream had made me come earlier today. Is it real ?

We smile to each other. No one has come yet. She is comfortable at my presence. Did I really wake up or this is the continuation of dream ?If it is a dream, why is it a dream ? We walk upstairs as if we realised what exactly we need to do. In the terrace, coffee is served and we sit opposite to each other. We sip hot coffee while the cool breeze brushes our faces. Is there an other heaven?

I am afraid if she can hear my heartbeats. Today is the day. Now is the time. I have to say. It would be a foolish thing to start the conversation. I am not even sure whether my voice reaches her properly. Let me warm up.

“What is your plan for the weekend ? “

This was one of my earlier writing attempts. For some reason, I still like my attempts of those times. Those were the times, writers-block never hit me. I felt then I could churn up many snippets like these. However to this day, I am not sure if they were interesting to the readers – these were either lost in the now dead hard disk or held private in drafts.

The above one has been submitted to Yt contest and I wish to see your endings. Submit your endings to the email :

What happens next? How does the conversation go? What is the reply? Get your grey cells cracking and complete the story in not more than 250 words and give it ANY ending you desire.

As a bonus, you get to suggest the title of the story too. Who knows this may be your chance to become a famous writer. Send your entries to and win exciting prizes. Hurry! Last date 30th July, 2009.

Note: All entries must be original, accompanied by your full name, E-mail id and contact number.

Oh yeah, my ending of the story would be posted on this blog after the contest is over.

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