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Ok, I couldn’t keep up the blog frequency I wanted to and that I declared earlier. Anyways, just a quick post.

I had joined Yt and there is still a lot to talk about the experience for the brief stint I had there with the workshop and later rehearsals. As usual, I regret not having enough time and will to document nicely on this blog. More than theater/acting perspective, I feel I gained quite a bit from personal perspective. I’ll probably elaborate some other time, but in brief – if you are wasting your weekends, if you want to understand yourself or the world little more, do attend their is immense fun.

Well, this post is about the Yt newsletter to which I was supposed to have contributed a lot, for being in the editorial team, but as it goes, my contribution is minimal. However, request you to visit the site and explore the contents and give feedback. Don’t forget to send an entry to “complete the story” contest.

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