Loud music and Dim lights

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AuroraWonders, during a chat asked few words so that she writes something around them or using them. I had given 3 words. She has asked for 5 words from C too.

I realized it is similar to the Playback_Theatre concept I had watched during the play “All you need is love” where the audience throw sentences/story and actors act.

While C is yet to come up with her version of story, this is my attempt to create a flash fiction, using those words. It would be nice if Aurorawonders and C each could dish out something 🙂

Readers, can you guess the words ?

I am using a fancy tag – ThrowWordsGetFiction as I intend to do few more of these.

Since this is my first attempt to “create” something, your comments are welcome and are appreciated.
Meetu sat there, alone in the corner of the pub. It was unusual for a pretty young woman to be sitting alone in a crowded pub in this town. But everyone was busy with their, umm.. drinks. Few couples did a spirited jig, probably at the celebration of one of their engagement, and got tired and sat to sip second round of drink. Pub, like temple, is one of the few places where one gets to see happy and sad people at the same time. Some cheering the beer, some reclusive, like Meetu.

Enter, Novian, an optimist by other name. “Optimism, is often a result of helplessness.”, his friend Jignesh usually taunts him, but he knows better. Money for him is a game – he loses some, he wins some. Unlike hearts, which he always wins. Novian, intended to party tonight with a gang of his friends, who usually tag on to him only due to the weight of his pocket and leave him soon after that weight transforms into their stomachs’ weight, but at the last minute decided to be lonely and dropped into this new place. He had never been to this pub, not even during his pub hopping session in April – usually accompanied by girlfriend hopping session – by mutual consent.

Novian noticed Meetu. “What a serendipity !” he thought to himself. He could make no mistake – this was the lady who was seated in front of him during his previous visit to Race Course. He had lost quite an hefty amount of money that day in horse race and yet he realized he hadn’t drowned himself in a melancholy that day. It was quite unusual. He had tried his best resources to locate this girl and today he finds her just like that. Never to believe in stars, he thanked his that time. Beliefs last only till next change !

As is natural, he progressed towards her. He probably had misread her just like a driver in the dark miscalculates the danger when the on coming lorry has only one light on. Yet, he approached her – if not to floor her right away, he felt confident to woo her over the time.

To his surprise, she knew him. She talked to him easily. When he tried to know her reason for lonely visit to pub with a painful look, she opened up all too easily. Said, she feels cheated. Cheated by boy friend, cheated by parents and by colleagues at work. His face turned pale and struck with horror and disbelief as if he has just seen the Tsunami approaching, when she said her boy friend was Jignesh. His very friend, who had ‘helped’ him in searching her, but didn’t even let him know ? That thought drifted Novian to his own world, her words barely falling on his ears but getting lost in the noise around. Today Novian may have deserted his friends, but his friend had him, long back.

He left the place silently. Tomorrow is another horse race. “Optimism is…” as his once- friend Jignesh used to say.
1. I wanted to keep the story very, very short. Lack of time.
2. Had to discard an ending I first wrote- while trying hard to keep from sleeping, as it was too abruptly off-the-cliff.
3. What would be the title you would have given ?
4. If you guessed the words good, let me know that you did. Otherwise here are the words – Serendipity, Melancholy, Party, Horse Race, Reclusive, Tsunami,April, Lorry.
5. This is shockingly similar to what I had written years ago, and I realized after I wrote this. That way my next one is much different (It’s already written!). Stay tuned.
6. No, this isn’t autobiographical or anything related to anyone I know. Heh! Trust me, real stories I know sound even more unreal.
7. Also, this isn’t reflective of my mood or anything. Heh!
8. Any comments, ANY, are welcome.

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  1. Good man. Who gave you the first 5 words? C? Nice reminder that the story is pending. Maybe I'll also put up with the first part I've already written.

    Really interesting to see that the same words can create such different stories. 🙂

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