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I have got interesting and not so interesting feedback for my eyes quite often. Samples :

You are doe eyed

Till then I didn’t know what a doe..so when I got that feedback, I couldn’t quite figure if it was a compliment or an insult. However, I was happy that my eyes were notice.

Have your eyes been this big from childhood ?

This was repeatedly asked my dietitian every month…to my embarrassment and anger. I guess eyes don’t keep growing every day…and irrespective of that, the way she looked at my eyes by feeling scared and asked was similar to asking if any devil/bhooth is inside my body!!

You have eyes as if they are about to fall out

Now..what could I say for that..I was quite some years of age when I heard this, since they were “about to” fall out for that long, I had no worry that they might “indeed” fall out anytime..I had confidence that, they will just hang in there till they permanently close. Heh.

You have very expressive eyes..your eyes speak a lot..

Quite unfortunately, this comment though is often repeated, has never been from people of opposite sex and hence I quite don’t feel pleasant for this compliment..What use of a message if it is not reaching right destination. Listen girls…you don’t know where to look and what you are missing..hehe.

For further proof, the research , which ignited this post …

Women are attracted to men with big pupils

I need not give an example of how untrue it is…anyways if indeed that happens…I know what it is !!

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