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I like to record my dreams…however funny or silly. I guess I did that earlier here

Few weeks ago…I got a dream ..in complete movie format. I mean there was a beginning, a development…and some strategy and a convincing ending. Usually, the endings seem convincing in dreams, but after waking up seem silly..but this was not so. It has been weeks and I totally forgot the story but I remember that it was a neat package.

And there have been consistent dreams…related to real life. Which follows – what you think in subconscious comes in dreams or it gives you a hint – pattern. Or just a wishful thinking sometimes. I am so used to them that I no longer enjoy them..only regret.

However this post is to mention these obscure, abstract dreams…but, hold on, even more abstract ones.Hehe.

There was this beautful dream…beautiful in the scenary.. beautiful in music..there were leaves all around on the ground..those colorful leaves probably…just fallen from trees due to seasonal changes..and my vision rises from the ground ..like a camera focus..slowly..up up…to the blue sky..vast sky.

Then camera comes down…and I see …myself. But what “I” see is like watching myself on screen. I mean..did you get it ?
So the I- on screen, was draped in a white dress…I have held out my hands…and I am falling…slow motion..I am swirling and falling…slowly…the music too seems be very slow… I fall …
Just when the fallingI is near the trees…the seeingI realizes that the trees are so empty..all leaves fallen away. Some bad feeling comes..this makes the fallingI to fall fast..before fallingI crashes on the ground, before music stops, sleepingI gets disturbed and wakes up.

The same day there were 3 more small, neat dreams like this…the second one was not this artistic or good…it was about my drowning…I am in vast water…and after 2 minutes of playing, I start drowning..what I realized even in dream was, I didn’t bother to shout for help. I let myself drown…and sleepingI wakes up disturbed.

The other had to do with Rahul Dravid..last over..he hits Australian(in my dream) Steyn a superb off side 6…the non strike is tendulkar..another few balls of last over…Dravid gives catch…caught and bold..it’s all over. India lost the test match..the win would ahve given series win but now series lost..but worse, it was Dravid last match..so stadium is giving standing ovation despite India’s loss..tendulkar is at loss of words.

And another day a superb scary dream…I am stuck in some cave..I wondered in my dream how the hell did I land here. There were few friends…I don’t remember who..but one was quite unwell. I wanted to get out of this place…I try to find the entry of the cave..and it is being covered by water…the falls…so there is water falls covering the mouth of cave and we are stuck inside. That itself must have sent me shivering and sweating..but I dared to go to the mouth..and see below. Shit !! It was too scary. I am at an unbelievable height…heart beat stopped and I woke up.

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