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From DNA, but can’t find link..this ‘supposed‘ link does not work..(anyways, many sites carry news..)
But this does

former miss world finalist has had her hands and feet amputated after being struck down with an infection

a two-time miss world finalist has had her hands and feet amputated after being struck down with an infection.
brazilian model mariana bridi, 20, had emergency surgery this week after she fell ill with a virus that spread to her blood.
her devastated boyfriend thiago simoes said, “we are all absolutely distraught and are just praying now that she can pull through.
“she fell ill on december 30 and we took her to hospital where she was misdiagnosed with a kidney stone.
“they gave her some medicine and sent her home. but two days later she started getting worse.
“we took her back to hospital and they said she had a very serious infection.
“she got more and more sick, and had no blood circulation to her limbs.
“first she lost her feet, then on tuesday she lost both her hands.

Unfortunate as it is, but quite humbling to others who give undue importance to looks and beauty … anythin can happen anytime sort of…

And another (again can’t find link as it was on toi kannada) ..

2 year old baby girl Tamanna..who met with accident with parents..and could not survive..her father himself severely injured..lost his wife..decides to donate her organs… heart goes to another child..kidney goes to 60 year old man…

Again ..humbling …and reiterating that…unpredictable life..
As much as this video is very inspiring

Or I had the blues because I had no shoes until upon the street, I met a man who had no feet.

…I just want to add one point – people unless they experience themselves, will never be able to realize the true worth of anything. Though I might feel good about having limbs, that ‘thankful’ feeling just subsides when I come across something which I don’t.
It may be just me.
But what I am saying is, if mosquito bite is the worst thing to have happened to person – that is *the* worst pain he would have experience, he will not be able to *feel* what it is when it is more painful. His pain, perhaps, is *equivalent* to the worst pain experienced by another person. All I am saying is,pain is relative to one’s *own* experience.
To each his own.

A man with vision will never be able to realize what’s life with a blind & appreciate vision as much as blind will never be able to truly realize how powerful eyes are. (Unless of course their status get it ..right?)

Damn!! am I sounding weird…negative…??!!

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