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Years ago, I used to do yearly goal setting and appraisal of the same (2005, 2006, 2007). Somehow, last year there was a lull on this blog. Not that there was nothing to say, but time whizzed past me.1. But yes, nothing much happened in 2008.

Time flies. Almost every month of the las years are photographically in front of me.

Went on fewer tours than ever, watched perhaps fewer movies/plays, read hardly any books,took fewer photos, wrote fewer blog posts. Feeling sad that did not write the reviews to all the plays I watched at RS, something I wanted to do.

Met fewer friends or relatives, but yes attended a series of functions/engagements/weddings. Almost weekly, for few months.

Sprained my knee (which has been abused by me for many years now and many sprains) and 2 of 3 doctors suggested an operation. In an unrelated separate consulting, a specialist trivialized my existence (well almost to that effect).

Nothing was done towards maintenance of this blog.

So where did my time go ? Travel to office eats up 3 hours of my daily life, an hour or so goes away in reader and other browsing. Weekend goes just like that. Time flies I tell ya.

On positives, bought a car.
Played around with beard styles
Attended french class.
Joined YT workshop.(Lots to talk about the experience..)
Gave a try at Nokia Design Challenge

And yeah, Talked A LOT. Wrote a LOT. Chatted(im) a LOT. Browsed a LOT.

Time flies.

And there were a couple of important things(1,2,3) which I will write in separate posts sometime later.

Resolutions (yeah not goals):

  1. At least 3 2 no, at least ONE post a week .Fortnight Month. There are many random thoughts to blurt out, and if nothing else, could use this space as a journal.
  2. Be less verbose
  3. Be less expressive.

There are some goals I want to internalize but don’t know how far I will succeed, not particular to the year but to forever is that :

  • Measure everything. Measure,measure,measure. ( Everything ..time spent, money spent, eating ..everything.)
  • Prioritize things/people.

My only wish…is that my next year post should not be so mediocre like should have some nice things, significant happenings in my life this year. [actually There are two things I could have wished..and those have been wished at every star-falling, at every eyelash-uff-ing, so am quite sure those will not happen 🙂 ]

And finally, Thanks to everyone who have made my 2008 memorable.

[1]It feels just yesterday that previous new year was here. I still have a ‘draft’ post HNY08 with a review and goal setting..and some photos of corn2
[2]Most notable thing about 20073 was that I ate sweetcorn as much as twice or thrice the sweet corn I must have eaten all my previous years put together. In contrast, in 2008, it was a total NILL.
[3]Most important happening of 2007 was a dream US tour..the only tour I didn’t write a log of, much as I wished to. It was a dream tour and a lifetime memory. Some memories

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