Rock On:
[Full of spoilers..][Absolutely no time to form grammatic sentences or even to spell check]
I watched this trailer during the interval of Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na..and the feel good factor that time itself had rubbed off on Rock on. Also, Farhan Akthar..the man who would have been remembered and revered by me even if had stopped making after just one movie – DCH – which still ranks at the top of my favorite movies, the name itself was enough to ensure I watch the movie. It does not matter that he was not the director – in fact when I had seen him first in a interview post DCH, I wondered why is this guy not a hero by himself – and here he was again in what looked like a boy-theme, boy-bonding movie, a reason enough to appreciate it 🙂

What a man this Farhan is. There is no sign he is debuting to acting. His screen presence, his ability to look convincing in both outfits – super rich-successful-investment banker in suit, as well as passed-out-of-college rock star boy – with curly long hair, hair band and tshirts. He wrote dialogues for the movie..acted as lead..played guitar..and sang 5 out of 7 songs !! Aamir Khan..finally a worthy competitor to you, on the grounds of all rounding..!

I was convinced with Farhan’s acting..he is convincing in both carefree behavior and as a man with hidden pain. Perhaps he might not try other kind of roles but it would be interesting to see him in some conventional roles..

And as his partner…Prachi..what elegance..what poise…and what a character..instead of normal heroines who whine once they realize their partner’s hidden past..this lady makes no fuss…does not even blame..instead silently tries to help him.

What a house they have…damn investment I come…

It is interesting to note that…its men who carry the burden of past and are unable to move forward…where as the it Farhan’s girlfriend..who cooly says “I realized he wasnt bad…”and just moves on…or be it Debby..who despite all negatives, just moves on..

Dumping of farhan’s girlfriend is one of the most senseless and cruel things to have happened in the movie…may be just next to the brain tumor..For no fault of hers..she is ditched..she is dumped without any clue..poor girl..i hate when professional things affect personal relation..even the other way should not happen but then it is plausible ..

how the separation could be more poignant..from the first or second scene it is known that something went wrong..though the alternate flashback and current happenings kept the interest (why was i reminded of memento)..the “BIG” turning moment was not compelling looked very requirement driven..ok a break up has to lets make it..

and same thing applies to the brain tumour… adds the required masala and helps tears…it wasnt quite essential..(other than that, it was required for the final show..otherwise arjun ramphal’s absense could have canceled their show..)

the ending ..explaining how their lives changed after that wasnt that took itself too seriously at that point..we all know it is a movie…the rock show on stage must have been ideally the last scene..who cares how they lived after ..when no importance was shown how they came together..climax looked too dreamy..explaining the death, the success of other characters that i half wished it was true story somehow..otherwise, who cares..

supporting cast..purab kohli..ramphal..koel..shahana..prachi..all pitch in perfectly…after farhan, prachi..i guess its shahana who left a better impression..her character is quite solid too…

Papa Akthar has let his hair down for the lyrics…looks like he was tired of all political correctness or sensibility that is demanded and was waiting to throw up some he had done in “Strawberry ankhen” in part is it is easily passed off as “required” for the script..but still i stop to wonder..when i hear “zahreele zahreele…Kaale Neele Peele” which almost sounds like “paani peele peele”!![which, by the way is a very good advice..]..even “do aur do kyuon paanch nahin” and asking audience to ponder about it as if it is the biggest mystery…haha..but he aces in the slow song phir dekhiye..or my more favorite “tum ho to”

music…oh SEL ..good music…somehow i didnt like them before watching movie..once it grew on me in the i like them all..and surprisingly paani peele peele is also a favorite !

Oh..i can not complete this without comparisons to DCH is obvious though unnecessary…I feel Farhan in his personal life must have had a spat with his close friend…and then they patched up later..(he is so young that,it may not be true..)..but this theme predominately reverbates in DCH and here…
Also..that lonliness…that separation from his wife..immediately reminded me of Tanhai song..
Oh yeah..dont know if someone realized..there is a small reference to DCH ( or it might be just me !!)..that when Farhan is being described by his friends ..they say..”he would impromptu ask us to drive to Goa..without preparation” or something on those must be a small tribute to DCH..or may be Farhan is like that which is reflected 🙂
And the a character dies of illnes…or the part after it showing all lead happy lives now..similar to DCH climax..

the friendship..the mature love …the comedy ( the few scenes are there brings good laughs…like the garbaraas song of “saason ki jaroorat” is a master piece..imagine giving Anu Malik a guest appearance and making fun of his song itself…even he is made to look like his joker-self…self referential humour is touching new highs..)…drama (brain tumour is enough..though there are many others..)…highs (those rock shows and that victory..and that reunion..that chasing dream…)..terrific acting…good dialogues…this is a complete package..

All said and done…as a movie i liked this one..infact it would find a place in my all time favorites..and would stand atop for this year with jaane tu..but realizing dreams..or as going after heart…i am not very motivated..i mean..its a movie..temporary suspension of disbelief..most if not all normal people have unrealized dreams..and would be stuck in a job that is not motivating them…and it would touch all their if everyone likes to identify..and the emotional bonding developed, it is difficult to realize, it is just a dreamy movie..

5 thoughts on “Rock On

  1. paani peele peele ……LOL!

    Dumping of farhan’s girlfriend is one of the most senseless and cruel things to have happened in the movie – hmmm, senti ho gaya kya? I believe it just shows the immaturity of the characters at that point of time. Maybe farhan wanted to show that the characters were very selfish and real afterall.

    Rock on reminded me of some other movies – DCH for obvious reasons, Pyaar mein kabhi kabhi for the last concert dedicated to a dying friend, Wild Hogs for the part where Farhan's wife pursues him to go and regroup with his old buddies etc.

    Prachi Desai will get a nose job done. Remember, I said it first.

  2. Also, I swear I knew the origins of the title track guitar riffs the moment I heard it. Now I guess the whole world knows that its from the mountain climbing scene in Lakshya. That riff stuck on to me like anything the first time i heard it. I even tried to find ways to get it from the net. Now, Im thankful to SEL and Farhan to use that into a complete song.

  3. Senti nahin…but I felt it was totally unfair that the hit on his face by one person should result(even if indirectly) in ditching another..totally unrelated..just like I dont like taking office anger off at home 🙂
    yeah, u r shows the immaturity…

    nose job .. he he..

    guitar riff…yeah..everyone is talking about it..