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is my favorite politician for now. Not only because of his impressive way of speaking during Trust Vote, Omar Speech,which has got him many fans[youtube], not only because he is young and dynamic..

But also because, he uses WordPress to blog 🙂 , uses iPhone, talks about mobile blogging through iPhone and also has good humour :

ll I can say is that if you think what I am doing is illegal go ahead and SUE ME. I””ll take my chances with Apple Corp and the people of J&K when this becomes a huge election issue 🙂

In the mean time just a small word of advise before you rush off to your nearest police station – please verify if I am using an illegal one, a locked one on a genuine roaming account or better still a legally opened iPhone from a country where it was illegal for Apple to sell locked iPhones (like France).

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4 thoughts on “Omar Abdullah

  1. Your speech was for the Muslims of Kashmir whom you wanted to prove that you can be as fundamentalist and communal as the other secessionsists and terrorists are. You are in Parliament because you are a Muslim of Kashmir and belong to Abdullah family. You were 'made' a minister by the NDA because you have these two qualifications. I challenge Omar to shun both these 'stars' and then try winning elections in Kashmir. He cannot win elctions even in his own party. His own party could not give Presidentship to any body else than a Muslim and a member of Abdullah family. The minority Hindu community was kept as a hostage by your party in Kashmir and they faced marginalisation and sequeeze at your hands always. What you spoke in Parliament, Omar, is what in in your heart. More painful was that you party tried to maintain silence on the speech and didnot condemn your anti-Hindu stance and then your low rung activists even made attempt to justify your wrongs. Enough is enough. Hindus are also a part of Jammu and Kashmir and have a better right on the land than those who have come from Saudhi Arabia, Hamdan, Jeelan and Geelan.This land belongs to them also and it is not your ancesstral property. Your statement that not even an inch shall be given to the Hindus reminds of Kauravas who said the same thing to Pandavas in Mahabharata. What happened to Kauravas, is better known to you. You are one of Jihadi and Trrorist supporter of Islam. God take care of you.

  2. Congratulation for winning J&K elections
    I am your fan and like the way you think to solve the Kashmir issue. I am looking forward that you will give solution to state problem and will work for poor people wether they are Hindu or Muslim.

    I am very happy that you will be next CM and i hope that you will do lot for people effected by terrorism and will settle the Kashmiri Pandits and Muslims effected by this terrorism..

    We pray here for your success and we are always with you.

    Young Indian will definetely changr the Kashmir

  3. All the very best Mr Omar. You deserve all the luck for the hard task ahead of you. Serve your people well and they will surely reward you. That is one feeling / gift you will cherish throughout life.

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