Ok, let the generalized title not misguide you. This post is about Kajol and U me aur hum by a fan and I will not pretend otherwise.

Reading reviews of movies that contain Kajol is always rewarding irrespective of whether it is a postive review for a movie or a negative. Especially (bad) movies like Fanaa and U Me Aur Hum are real treats !

Because a positive review for movies like these is always surprising and though personally smirk invoking, I like the feeling of a positive review or long run of the movie for obvious reasons. Secondly because these movies generated lot of noise and created lot of hype and attention – and none,beware, was just for the presence of the actress – finally it is Kajol who gets credit and attention ! (Even all her initial movies attracted attention not because of her presence but due to others, and then she is used to have the last laugh, bowling over and shadowing others at the end.) Positive reviews also dont fail to mention how Kajol adds/contributes to it.

When there are negative reviews, it is even more happiness-inducing because when there is so much dark and disappointing stuff around, the brilliance of Kajol comes across easily and gets highlighted. Of course, there is quite something for a fan to munch on! And it is such a joy when someone newly becomes a fan!

Let me link to few reviews:

Was very surprised to see such positive take by B Rangan ( my views are usually a scaled down version of his views – if he, say rates, 100, I rate 20..if he rates -100, I rate -60 ) ..but this one is opposite on sign itself. The only thing I probably agree with him is the nod to the presence of song “Saiyyan..”.

This is a review thoroughly enjoyed. I see eye to eye with him on various factors like about the nonsense friends, about the futile suspense attempt of child drowning and agree with almost every word of what he says. Only sad feeling is, he hasn’t any praising words about Kajol.

More links:

Kajol has done the best she can to get us involved with her situation despite the lack of depth writer, Ajay Devgan, etches out for her. Though she does get to her shrill self every once in a while. But I’m still miffed by the short hand she has been dealt.

Without giving the movie away

On the other hand, Kajol is brilliant. I didn’t quite realize that she was this fabulous. Even when she is lost, or screeching, or struggling to remember the smallest of things – you don’t cringe. But there are other parts of this film that are very cringe-worthy.
There are a few tense moments in the film. Kajol rules them all. Ajay Devgan is a mere prop in this film.

Within / Without

Kajol is the show-stealer; the film completely belongs to her! Even in the presence of Ajay, Kajol steals the limelight and has the better role, which gives her ample scope to perform. A performance that is sure to be recognized at the awards! – Bollyspice

Kajol, well, what can you say of an actress who has proved herself time and again? That she’s undoubtedly the best has been proved yet again. – Indiafm

Kajol delivers an excellent performance. She is pretty restrained in her performance when Alzhimer’s takes over her. Any actor of a lesser calibre could have gone over the top. Thanks to Kajol it does not become U Me aur Ham! – Passion for cinema

Kajol is magical,[…] – The times

Get this.Whenever Kajol acts, she kills the competition. Of the current lot, no one quite compares. No one can hold a close-up like she does or leap straight out of the screen to involve you in her pleasure and pain. She’s a natural and that quality is mined constantly by first time director Ajay Devgan in U Me aur Hum. – Khalid Mohammed

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