I wanted to have an email id which I would keep for life, but hopped. Wanted a site url for life, kept hopping. Current reason – the free server where I host rkblogs.net is down most time. Also the effort and time it takes to maintain it, the part which I enjoyed – update to latest wordpress, trying out new themes, trying out new plugins and all, is no longer what I enjoy (mainly for lack of time).

rravikiran.blogspot.com -> (had to move away from blogspot) -> rk.negimaki.com -> rkblogs.net redirected to that -> (lack of freedom at negimaki ) -> rkblogs.net forwarded to ravikiran.weblogs.us -> ( server uptime is a disappointment and lack of time to ) -> rkblogs.wordpress.com.

70mm.blogspot.com – 70mm.wordpress.com (still active but very less posting).

Other 2 defunct blogs – forwards.wordpress.com , premaloka.wordpress.com

Meanwhile when wordpress.com opened, had a ravikiran.wordpress.com but wrote lot of private diary like posts and dont feel like looking at it again…so thought of a fresh start !

No idea how to treat rkblogs.net or its contents. ( I hate thinking about anything that involves work or money ! )

So where else am I on internet ?

rkblogs.tumblr.com, rkblogs.jaiku.com , twitter.com/rkblogs , orkut , facebook , https://friendfeed.com/lens, del.icio.us/ravikiran, lens.stumbleupon.com, pounce, picasaweb.google.com/rkrules (will update this list as and when I remember!). As you can guess, hardly active on all (dont remember the passwords!).

Don’t know how long will I use this blog or what do I use it for.

If anyone is reading this, say hi.

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