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New! Why?

April 5th 2008 in General

I wanted to have an email id which I would keep for life, but hopped. Wanted a site url for life, kept hopping. Current reason – the free server where I host rkblogs.net is down most time. Also the effort and time it takes to maintain it, the part which I enjoyed – update to latest wordpress, trying out new themes, trying out new plugins and all, is no longer what I enjoy (mainly for lack of time).

rravikiran.blogspot.com -> (had to move away from blogspot) -> rk.negimaki.com -> rkblogs.net redirected to that -> (lack of freedom at negimaki ) -> rkblogs.net forwarded to ravikiran.weblogs.us -> ( server uptime is a disappointment and lack of time to ) -> rkblogs.wordpress.com.

70mm.blogspot.com – 70mm.wordpress.com (still active but very less posting).

Other 2 defunct blogs – forwards.wordpress.com , premaloka.wordpress.com

Meanwhile when wordpress.com opened, had a ravikiran.wordpress.com but wrote lot of private diary like posts and dont feel like looking at it again…so thought of a fresh start !

No idea how to treat rkblogs.net or its contents. ( I hate thinking about anything that involves work or money ! )

So where else am I on internet ?

rkblogs.tumblr.com, rkblogs.jaiku.com , twitter.com/rkblogs , orkut , facebook , https://friendfeed.com/lens, del.icio.us/ravikiran, lens.stumbleupon.com, pounce, picasaweb.google.com/rkrules (will update this list as and when I remember!). As you can guess, hardly active on all (dont remember the passwords!).

Don’t know how long will I use this blog or what do I use it for.

If anyone is reading this, say hi.

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“New! Why?”

hi bro!!
it sure is true :-(

Anitha@Thought Raker has an finished story to which I attempted some endings. Had good fun, the power to change course of lives of characters is thrilling and satisfying. Can’t imagine the fun God up there must be having.

If you read this post, let me know which ending you liked ? :)

The story:
Dec 10, 2006:
What I […]

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Why is it only during goal setting or during appraisal meeting do I realize ” Oh! what am I doing ? Oh! where am I” and tend to think how very futile & nonsense everything looks.

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