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Among the regrets in my life, not staying in hostel finds itself on the top of the list. I know it has its set of disadvantages but I still envy those who get the privilege to stay in hostel and have fun.My cousins are in hostel and I enjoy listening to their hostel stories. (I used to enjoy coloumn in Vijaya Karnataka which used to include hostel stories).

Here is a prank by my cousin:

I don’t know that whether spirit exists or not but I believe that what the students call spirit in hostel is just cock and bull story. One day our neighbors (next roommates) planed to call spirit. some how my friend Naveen came to know about it and we decided to have some fun with them so we wore white shirts and white pants with white masks, just like spirits.

At 1 am our neighbors were calling spirits, I and my friend went there with white dress, we stood near the window and suddenly we pushed the window which made big sound and the people inside were in perspiration.

We suddenly went inside the room, by seeing our horrifying dress the people inside the room became terrified and they ran to there rooms.

At the same time we spilled some red ink mixed with kunkuma on the window keeping a red lemon beside window which was more horrifying .Next day our neighbors decided to not to call spirit in there life time. Still our neighbors don’t know that we are the spirits!!!!!!!!

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