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I have upgraded now to WP2.3 but this time it wasn’t smooth as last time.
First of all, the one-shot automatic upgrade provided by this plugin stopped before completing the job (when it had to upgrade database). After which I used its step-by-step and started from beginning and hence had to activate plugins myself 🙁

Second, due to some enhanced security stuff, I could not log in to wordpress. But I initially thought it was a forgotten password issue – due to my recent nightmarish lost-pwd cases that I would highlight sometime – I reset the password after lot of breaking my head. (But it was very easy actually)

But I was still unable to log in, because it was not the case of wrong password in first place ! So after breaking my head again, I commented out the security code. ( I feel it was not working as it intended to)

There are many changes in 2.3 of which, the tag thing has broken my existing wonderfully working UTW tagging system, & that is frustrating. I even imported the old tags but the “modifying theme to make it work with tags” and breaking the earlier working system is highly irritating.

So not very happy with this upgrade.

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