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October 9th 2007 in Movie talk

The other day, had a very satisfying “outing” in Innovative Multiplex. The theatre which I had avoided almost for its first two years, for the sole reason that it is too far and the time so much spent for a movie is not worth it. I always felt it was so awfully out of the city !
The distance is still the same, but now it has become very near ! I mean, I daily travel 7kms further to it, so it has sort of become interior now !!
Another practical reason to head out there is that, it is so empty even on weekends and we can get tickets even 1 minute before the show ! Now even the normal theaters inside city have priced their tickets too high to their worth !
Coming back to the outing, it was Dhamaal, a convenient but hurried lunch break, followed by Manorama Six Feet Under.
Talking of multiplexes, there is a new multiplex inside the city not many would be aware of ! It is called Vision Cinemas and it is listed in ToI. BK and I went in search of it the other day. ( hint: It is near Lalbagh. ) Since it is not publicized and as it is new, there is hardly any crowd coming to it ( we wish it remains like that for as long as possible ). The autowallahs too are not aware – when we asked directions for new multiplexes – they showed the way for PVR and INOX ! When we mentioned in this area, all mentioned Urvashi. For regular movie-goers like us, it was a huge laughing stock, because we specifically mentioned “new” and they were going from Inox to Pvr to Urvashi ! Finally a rik-driver had a late realization and ran behind us to inform of the location. (another hint: lot of eating joints are seen to the road and the actual building is far behind). And the building does not even carry the name plate, so I wish it remains anonymous for more time !

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The following is what I wrote on Flixter to my flixter account through FB

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