Random Bursts of Thoughts and Happenings – 2nd Edition

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# I had been to Flower Show at Lalbagh – solely for the reason of photographing flowers. I am not sure if I am too happy with my photos, however here are they for your viewing pleasure. Why do “Macro” mode results in photos that look as though they are painted in water colour ?



# Went to PESIT college for Independence Day, attended flag hoisting and sang National Anthem. Now, how many of you did/can do that ? 🙂 DJ’s speech was not very original, he just read out a speech by Narayana Murthy. Though it made me look for it on the net link, it was not in usual DJ’s style. “I always look for what is in it for me” he said, “and if one person among this audience becomes like one of the visionaries mentioned in the inspiring speech, that is enough for me”. Like any dreamy eyed teenager, some of us thought he was referring to us itself ( I still have to get the feeling that I am not a teenager any longer, sigh !) . The article deserves a read.

# There were lot of flowers in the garden and I regret not having carried the camera with me.

# Another best thing done on the Independence Day was to watch “Chak De”. Some detailed thoughts will follow in next post. 

# Also watched Checkmate play at RS on Independence Day. Some comments will follow after Chak De review.

# RBoTaH will continue after those posts

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