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Having heard that it is a free-flow like the director’s previous attempt – Bunty aur Bubli, I was all the more keen to watch it. I had a very good time watching BaurB, only grouse was the money spent watching in a multiplex. This time, I was wise. Watched on computer screen. Am surprised by thrashing reviews – this movie did not take it seriously, nor did expect you to. Also it did not pretend to be something other than what it set out to be – a light heart fun and free-flow movie, that rests mostly on the shoulders of the lead artists more than anything else – and the lead pair does not disappoint.

All – Abhishek Bachchan, Bobby Deol, Priety Zinta, Lara Dutta – are perfect at their roles. I wish Zinta and Abi do more movies like this. Zinta is lovely to watch – scenes like  – the happiness and content that suddenly erupts of her face ( when she is running down the stairs and the lady asks what happened to the proposal, Zinta had rejected it)  are a treat to watch, wonder if anyone else would have done it so well ! (Oh yeah, lets leave aside Kajol and Madhuri Dixit). Abi’s flow is so effortless that, till that one bit of sad song, you will forget to notice that this guy is acting. Nail biting Bobby cracked me up with his innocent looks and nail biting. Lara, actually in two different roles is surprising.

There are various tributes/references to movies – from the number 786 (number plate on a car) – AB’s badge number in a famous movie, to the one I loved – Bobby and Abi going in the similar vehicle as Dharam and Big B singing song – Yeh Dosti hum nahin chodenge.

Finally loved the song. Yes did not mind the never ending song in between in what was a competition. The song just goes on and on but no complaints ! I loved the song so much that I thought that there was only one song in the entire movie (other than the sad song). At the end of the movie, when the song is again played I was practically swaying myself in the chair – at 2 AM in the night 🙂

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