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In this post you will find my thoughts/opinions or just the things that cross my mind when I recall about the books I have read last few weeks. If you have read any of these, you could share your thoughts !

Kaadina Kathegalu:

#Read 3 parts of Kaadina Kathegalu, translated series by K P Poorna Chandra Tejaswi. It is about the experiences of hunting of man-eater tiger/cheetah by South Indian Jim Corbett – “Kenneth Anderson

# Bellandoorina Narabhakshaka (1), Peddacheruvina Rakshasa (2), Jaalahaliyya Kurka (3).

# Quite thrilling stories. Totally enjoyed reading during the travel in office-cab. Did not feel like keeping down the book but unfortunately had to break several times as I had to get down to go to office or to home.

# Each experience is different but the basic philosophy is same and I think I can lay a successful trap to a man-eater now :). But unfortunately, now, let alone man-eaters, there are hardly any tigers in South Indian forests – as the author mentions. Instead of hunting them down, we are even struggling to preserve them.

#I wonder how the author did not get confused between various stories/incidents as there were so many of them and were somewhat similar !

# The ‘intelligence’ of tigers, the conditions in which they become man-eaters, their behaviour after killing a man etc are descriptively explained.

# The endurance required to hunt down is demonstrated well. The reasons of certain decisions that were taken get proved or the reason for backfiring is noted.

# Accounts are not exaggerated. The author treats the horror stories as impersonal as his own victories.  

# Downloaded a pdf of another set of experiences by Kenneth Anderson.

Chidambara Rahasya by K P Poorna Chandra Tejaswi:

# This is a famous novel in Kannada almost a classic and one of the best by Tejaswi, according to pundits.

# There are many faces to the novel – one is on slightly intellectual/philosophical level. The one where some characters are experimenting – they let a story-writer to extra-polate the natural incidents and test whether that is the truth. And they keep getting evidences in the way they search. The incident they have taken up is what I thought was actually the “rahasya”, but I am not sure that it is. Anyways the incident is quite serious and hence the experiment gets serious too.

# From one point of view, it is a quite simple but short love story – and this briefness and simplicity was what I enjoyed. There are, at many places, description of what goes in boys’ mind about girls, and their fear for losing respect in front of girls are all small bits I enjoyed separately.

# It also includes a revolt – there is the above mentioned group of students who want to change something, they want to revolt – for the sake of revolt.

# In other faces, there are more serious issues like religion, corruption, cheating, exploitation and even devils. It is a pot boiler in the actual sense – boiling too many ingredients. But it never loses track, nor it becomes more than necessary.

# I was waiting for the “rahasya” to be something and was expecting some questions to be answered. But it looks like it ended with open question. I have to read some reviews or probably my mind set to seek some answer, to seek some surprise ending was at fault. I thought this was an investigative novel, was not completely right.

# The best part about the narrative is that it just flows – fearlessly, thoughtfully with a mix of very light humour.

The Google Story:

# Has details about the pre-start, and initial phases the company went through. Covers in detail the growth pangs of one of the most important companies today.

# Was completely unaware about some facts about the company which is covered in initial chapters. But after a few chapters, it felt like reading the current affairs in news paper – I knew most of the things and it was connecting the dots in between.

# Digital library will be my most favorite project – mail and all is ok, great but not that couldn’t have been done without google. Whatever Google does, which it can only do, for the public good, will be the ones that will reflect on the good-will of the super rich and super talented founders.

Wings of Fire:

# Famous auto-biographical account by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam.

# Inspirational. He achieved extra-ordinary results not by being a gifted genius but by hard work, dedication, constant learning and vision. Just did the best to what came his way. Was somewhat lucky that good things came his way, though.

# Was disheartened by failure but did not let it affect his future. Instead took future projects as challenges.

# At times, the book gets little dragging, but overall it is fine.

Ignited Minds by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam:

# Illustrates real-life examples (not necessarily his own life’s) and inspires young minds to involve in achieving greater things for self and thus for the nation.

# I am old. He he!

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