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July 29th 2007 in General, Uncategorized

# As said earlier, I am not daily-digest-posting my del.icio.us links on this blog. Instead I strongly beg-recommend-request-urge you to subscribe to this feed : http://feeds.feedburner.com/Lens/Convex – this will contain the google reader shared items and selected items from my notebook. Together now it is a complete link feed I could wish for. If you want to have a look at the page, it will be redirected from this easy url : http://ravikiran.us/blog/link-blog ,

# As is obvious, the email updates, from the blog will not include the links as was happening earlier. Feed readers request you to subscribe to above feed.

# Waiting for feedburner integration of Twitter daily digest and Reader link blog available under link splicer. How do I get heard ?

# The feed will be a mixture of all things that interest me – numerous blog posts from others, tech news, this and that and all. Be warned but do subscribe !

# Finally I can now use del.icio.us for what it is – bookmarking, instead of link blogging.

# Notebook (combined with this) is actually much more and I am possibly using it to full capability :) Just for the sake of completion here is my public page and here is the feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/Lens/Window ( However, subscribing to Convex feed is enough, the notebook updates will be available there.)

# Not subscribed to Convex yet ? my last reminder, request – Do it now !

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Since the twitter daily update isn’t happening, some random bursts of thoughts and activities over a last few days: # Feedburner’s link splicer does not have support to Google reader shared items ??!! It has for bloglines, yahoo..but despite Feedburner is now Google’s, there is no support for Google ?! Wake up !! # While at it, […]

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# I rarely laugh when I read the jokes and forwards. The least repeated email forward has at least been read twice earlier. The first two sentences of the jokes usually give away / remind me the end. # Sometimes, it is different though. The following is one such joke which I thoroughly enjoyed, so much […]

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