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# As said earlier, I am not daily-digest-posting my links on this blog. Instead I strongly beg-recommend-request-urge you to subscribe to this feed : – this will contain the google reader shared items and selected items from my notebook. Together now it is a complete link feed I could wish for. If you want to have a look at the page, it will be redirected from this easy url : ,

# As is obvious, the email updates, from the blog will not include the links as was happening earlier. Feed readers request you to subscribe to above feed.

# Waiting for feedburner integration of Twitter daily digest and Reader link blog available under link splicer. How do I get heard ?

# The feed will be a mixture of all things that interest me – numerous blog posts from others, tech news, this and that and all. Be warned but do subscribe !

# Finally I can now use for what it is – bookmarking, instead of link blogging.

# Notebook (combined with this) is actually much more and I am possibly using it to full capability 🙂 Just for the sake of completion here is my public page and here is the feed: ( However, subscribing to Convex feed is enough, the notebook updates will be available there.)

# Not subscribed to Convex yet ? my last reminder, request – Do it now !

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