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The idea of making 6 days working is illogical and unacceptable for the following reasons:

1. First of all, I[1] feel bored to work even 5 days a week and was looking forward for a 4 day week (followed by some Americans) or reduced working hours like French.

2. My boredom results in reduced work-efficiency on monday and friday. You can imagine the result when the working days are increased.

3. More seriously, this is over-ambitious and  rapacious greed[2]. Be happy with 1000crore plus profit.

4. The fact that the "targets" are met clearly concludes - the set target was wrong. ( Rupee has been rising for last 6 months or so, keep that in mind while setting targets).

5. The fact that the "target" was not reached has had no contribution from the work force. Did you not reach target because the people did not work - then punish. Yeno heltaralla - danakke jwara bandre yemmege bare yelidrante[3]

6. Indians claim to be having more family values but it is those culture-less, family-value-less[5] foriegners who spend quality time with their family. As far as I have seen, they stick to the work hours, they are particular to take the vacation and never work on weekends. 

7. Is this what the returns of a good thing for the nation - rising rupee ?

8. Like someone in the news piece said, so did/will we get to rest or work less when the profits soared ??

9. I personally do not want to say this[6] - just putting it for the sake of logic - the extra working could still be justified if the salary given is in dollars per hour - directly proportional to what is earned for the company. 

[1] Yeah, I know I don't fall in the 80$ per category but the logic is applicable.
[2] avarice,Covetousness,Evil desire,Greed,lust,Rapacity
[3] Kannada proverb meaning - Cow caught fever and buffallo was treated[4]
[4] Treatment being - bare - heat the iron rod till it is red hot and touch that rod to the skin
[5] According to some.
[6] Money does not compensate for working more.

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