Just wondering what would have happened if these things did not happen in our life time – iPhone, Harry Potter, Rajnikanth ? What would have people talked about so passionately ? What would have caught the fancy of people ? What would have got the cult following ?

More importantly, would people have led a mundane, mediocre lives or would people have found something among the available things as craze-worthy and cult-status worthy ?[1]

If it is the former, we have been very lucky. If it is the latter, more thoughts needed. Till then happy reading/watching or experiencing.

Be maniac, be happy 🙂 [2]

[1] Lets leave out iPhone from this discussion. iPhone or actually iPod created a space for itself when there was none. Its not one among 100s like movies/books.

[2] I personally feel, everyone, everyone should have something to be maniac about.

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2 thoughts on “Mania

  1. I guess we are in an age where we are maniacal about anything and everything, be it a man whose swish sounds like 400 decibels or the magical odyssey that HP delivers…!!!

    Worse, we are even maniacal abt kids falling into 5-inch borewell pipes and what not…!!!

    HP has been there since '97, why are we maniacal now…? bet PC and the Mac were equally good products back in '83, why so much hype for an iphone…Its all in the sensationalism created by the media…Sometimes good, sometimes bad 🙁

    Of course, it helped iphone and HP that they did not have to spend anything on marketing…:D

  2. You are right… but what I am curious is about, what if, say Rajni or HP, did not happen, would ppl be equally crazy (or little less) about an alternative or would they have led like nothing has happened. What do you think ?

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