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July 10th 2007 in Tech

Some posts are repeated ..This has resulted after WP upgrade. Actually it is the side-effect of a hack I had done earlier to achieve something else. Now I am not able to figure out what… It was a plugin if I remember correctly, but can’t see it now (but its effects are there)…

Also, hope you don’t mind about the two captcha stuff, which might be little irritating and intruding, but it has reduced the spam little.

The twitter updates started behaving erratically (again possible due to some change I made which did not result as I had wanted), so is disabled now ..Also wanted to exclude the username posts in twitter from appearing on blog, once that is achieved, it should be back.

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i was about to mention this to you… anyways you found it out, good!!!

also like to tell you check your photo gallery, looks like it is not working…

dont mind with the captcha you know why? i infact tried the audio captcha too… :))


thnx for pointing out..will try to fix..

audio captcha :)

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