1. No, pls no..if you do I will start wearing cap and sing like HR for the rest of my life 🙂
    Actually, I had a good time in theater …In RoI/paisavasool ladder I would put this on the same level as Sivaji and better than Veer Zaara, Nishabd etc..
    Also, after a long time, I did a full length post in one sitting without searching for words or thoughts!

  2. It was so good…eh? I think what worked for him was the fact that ppl had the lowest expectation from the movie.. and had just turned up for the cap mystery.
    Anyways.. this means we would have to bear the sequel as well

  3. No, movie wasn't good, nor did it work for me.
    But had a good time! 😉 Others in theater too were laughing at some points. For next show there were even more people than ours.
    You are right about low expectation and cap mystery. Should give it to him to wear a cap, create air around it and make two movies on that basis – such forethinking!!

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