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Histronics (have you heard in any show about terrible but cute host getting kissed on the show ? ) and contracts and emotionally charged over exaggerating shouting over the top “gurus” aside, Saregamapa is still immensely watchable for me for the singing talent it has. And also since it was a show I used to regularly watch pre-sms era. Though the names behind the show, like Gajendra Singh and Shaan have moved on to Star, I watched episodes of saregamapa. I tried watching Amul Voice of India in Star but due to the timing and the darkness of the set I fall asleep and the bright colourful set of Saregamapa along with the over the top performances of gurus of Saregamapa help me keep awake (and of course there is a repeat show in the day time plus entire show’s video is online).

Coming to the point of the post, last week I found all the 8 people in the Brahmastra round (or whatever round) in which only 2 would be taken forward.

My picks are Sarika and Raja Hasan. Sarika is the same lady who fainted on the stage after a biased judgement ( by Asha) . She sang extremely well in this round too and more I liked was her way – irritatingly innocent way – of asking for votes. Thats how my niece of 4 year old would have asked for votes chocolates !

She does have serious competition from Shaberi who has already bagged a singing contract from Visha-Shekar. And Vishal-Shekar are the most sensible and watchable gurus over there (save Bappi Da who is neutral most times). Lets not talk about Himesh (for there are conflictingly diametrically different opinions, and any stance I take is dangerous !), and his partner in crime Ismail. More about them some other time and oh I am digressing. Just wanted to say, really love the way Vishal-Shekar enjoy the music.

Among the boys, again there are very talented ones but Raja Hassan is my pick. He pulled out an unintentional emotional card which should easily give him more votes but that should not take away any credit from his ability. He is gifted, period.

And the Bengali contest winner really got the pulse of the crowd and since he is already qualified to move further, should be a tough competitor to others.

Here are the videos of Sarika (I wanted to post the way she asked for votes!) and Raja Hassan :

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wx_1yAv2Sv4]

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