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Himesh shows signs of becoming Rajinikanth

July 2nd 2007 in Movie talk

First this:

‘The all-India cycle, scooter and car parking collections at theatres screening Sivaji have exceeded the box office collections of Jhoom Barabar Jhoom’.

Then this:

Himesh Reshammiya’s Aap Kaa Surroor has got the biggest opening of the year at the box office.

The critics had panned the film and wrote it off, but the moviegoers had something else in mind. AKS beat down Awarapan and Apne at the box office by getting a bumper opening in the first 3 days.

Earth shattering opening. Box office will sing glorious tune in the final tally. Distributors will laugh all the way to the bank. Critics be damned. This one’s for the masses

The opening response is mindblowing. It has surpassed Dhoom-2 & Krrish! It is like the response to Rajnikant starrer Sivaji-The Boss, with the big difference that Rajnikant is the superstar of the South & Himesh is only a debutant actor
Vikas Mohan, Supercinema

And from a very insightful article that I liked instantly: Why we should pray for Himesh’s movieeeeeeeeeeeee
, the article wants AKS to succeed, for the reasons to which I completely agree.

YR Films believe packaging is what our educated metropolitan youth and Indian Diaspora demand. So they shove the repetitive silliness down our throats, packing enough first-weekend shows to ensure some sort of profit

Dig dig dig!!


Because it’s been a mad year, awful for the box office. Two high-profile Yash Raj Films have bombed. Amitabh Bachchan’s [Images] had three of his career’s best performances — Eklavya, Nishabd and Cheeni Kum — and only one of the three (CK) has managed to salvage its budget. The biggest hit of the year so far is Bheja Fry, a film costing Rs 55 lakhs going on to make about 7 crores.

Imagine then, a film coming out from a new banner, starring a new actor — and trumping the industry.

There will be complete chaos. The star-system will be rattled, the producers will be shaken, distributors won’t know what hit them and there will be complete unpredictability in the industry, giving independent cinema a tremendous boost — for if no one knows what’ll work, anything could!

Himesh has the opportunity to upset the Bollywood apple-cart. And that’s a delicious thought.

And finally why Himesh has it to become Bollywood’s Rajini ( I know I am exaggerating to Mars ) :

It’s a film aiming at the auto-rickshawwallahs — with a whole promo going blissfully over the top declaring that intention — and at the janta theatres that burst into mad applause the minute the nasal voice screeches over the speakers. If you’ve never been there, it’s a riot. Forget the Amitabhs and Akshays and those ubiquitous Khans, the crowds respond insanely as soon as a Himesh promo comes on.

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“Himesh shows signs of becoming Rajinikanth”

am now looking forward to watching himesh in AKS!!!! iam coming himesh!!!! :)))

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