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Recently Orkut has been doubling up as feed reader. But the real meat is getting scrap book updates through feeds. It might not make sense to some of you but for a feed junkie like me, it is super stuff (( Also orkut is blocked in office but reader isn’t:D )) . I feel one of the prime differences between other leading Social Networking sites and orkut is the absense of Feed support in orkut. And no one has real clue why Google does not give as much as importance orkut deserved, from the beginning. It took a loooong time to be able to use Google login to orkut accounts and the no donut problem was a surprise when it came from Google!

Coming to the main topic, here is how you can get the rss feed of your orkut scrapbook. [via TechBuzz]

Use the URL given below, but replace {uid} with your Orkut user ID


Your Orkut User ID can be obtained by logging into Orkut and clicking on the profile button on the left.

And here is how you can get Rss feed for the communities in orkut.

http://www.indian-tv.com/orkut.php?cmm={community id}

Super stuff, thanks dude !

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