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Orkut and Feeds

June 13th 2007 in Tech

Recently Orkut has been doubling up as feed reader. But the real meat is getting scrap book updates through feeds. It might not make sense to some of you but for a feed junkie like me, it is super stuff (( Also orkut is blocked in office but reader isn’t:D )) . I feel one of the prime differences between other leading Social Networking sites and orkut is the absense of Feed support in orkut. And no one has real clue why Google does not give as much as importance orkut deserved, from the beginning. It took a loooong time to be able to use Google login to orkut accounts and the no donut problem was a surprise when it came from Google!

Coming to the main topic, here is how you can get the rss feed of your orkut scrapbook. [via TechBuzz]

Use the URL given below, but replace {uid} with your Orkut user ID


Your Orkut User ID can be obtained by logging into Orkut and clicking on the profile button on the left.

And here is how you can get Rss feed for the communities in orkut.

http://www.indian-tv.com/orkut.php?cmm={community id}

Super stuff, thanks dude !

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“Orkut and Feeds”
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[…] Footnotes: [1] I always wondered why did they not plugin the blogs within orkut – either create a new one or to link to the existing blogpost, rest of the footnote grew enough to be a post! [2] according to Feedburner 3 – which again I had an account long ago but never used it until Google announced to buy it over. Feedburner, I guess that time did not provide email alerts or something, due to which I used Feedster -which gave lot of options. Now feedburner lets me connect feedster for email alerts and after google buying it I thought I can remember one less uname/pwd and logged in now. Now this blog’s feed is redirected to Feedburner feed (via the plugin) and fed to you!! So there, all for you, my dear 31 readers . Now click that ad there or at least leave a comment for my this selfless act! [3] I know there is some noise there, I should not have tried various feed services with my own feed. Now there is no way to delete it. [4]Have you seen FlickrVision? [5]also, as you know I am a huge fan of sms [6] Inactiv in Karnataka gave such a service but one thing lacking is a web user interface [7]there is twitku which integrates to look up to updates from both accounts. […]

Update: Eureka !! I’m right. This is in update to this post. As guessed in the comments there, it turned out to be Amw@y after all. This happened very next day but updating the blog now.

Yesterday he said he would talk to me sometime today but instead of talking to me he took my number. […]

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