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Update: Eureka !! I’m right. This is in update to this post. As guessed in the comments there, it turned out to be Amw@y after all. This happened very next day but updating the blog now.

Yesterday he said he would talk to me sometime today but instead of talking to me he took my number. I also observed him from morning, I was doubting every move. He spoke to few people and took an appointment to meet them. He joined me for coffee. He wanted to join for lunch but I escaped. Now it was becoming very clear. While returning, I asked what was it about. He said “priv@te franchi$ing”, have you heard about it. I wanted to scream “Oh, is it Amw@y..please stay away”, but instead said I dont know. He said he would call me up to discuss about it.

Today again he gave big smiles to me. He asked me what would I be doing in the evening. I knew this was coming. I said I have to meet my friend. He said, ok lets talk for a minute. He took me out, secretively. And the bs talk happened. “You should have a vision. We are not into technical. It involves hard work. More the work more the returns. It’s a good concept where in lies the 80% of world. It requires smart work. I am expanding in India in 800 locations. Our company is present since 50 years. I am doing it for my security. We recruit only passionate people. Why dont you come down in the evening and have a look at what we are doing ? About 300-400 people are gathering today. Let me know before 5Pm as it is an invited business presentation. People can attend only on invitation “…..etc blah blah blah to pull/suck people.

All the while I was smiling in my mind.

I am so proud of myself. I could see the future πŸ™‚ But regret for not having rejected it at the first chance.

Will narrate another victory in my life.

Long ago, while in Mumbai itself, my father had come across this stuff. This time it was from another relative who, after knowing that my father has got retired, wanted to introduce a business scheme. At the same time another friend too started introducing the scheme. You should see how friendly these people get when they want to introduce the scheme. They will vanish without trace after the deal is rejected, they are busy with their business you see !
So the motivational books, cassettes started coming in. Since it was first time for me I was pretty hopeful and excited about finding a new business opportunity and success path. It was in my mind everywhere I went. So I spoke about it to my friend, Bk, who immediately dismissed the thought and gave all details. He too was a victim. He said only by making more members, and not by marketing the goods, do we make money. But from the outset the deal is to market some magical products which could reduce the cost of household expenses by great margin.

I had been to a product demo which showed – a single concentrated liquid, they said could be used either to wash clothes or to clean toilets or to brush your teeth or to etc by only varying the degree of dilution. (That very explanation motivated me to doubt them. It is such a false claim – imagine if the toilet cleaner’s composition is same as the tooth paste’s !) I also understood the points creation. The 1000 or more points would be redeemed by 1paise and in the motivational and invitational seminars these people organize, they claim big earners and announce the earnings in Lakhs (what is left unsaid is whether the Lakhs is Rs or points). People in top positions would be doing this business, they claim. Money is also generated by making the members attend some programmes – like a workshop in Mumbai. The commission on the sales of such tickets add to the points earned. It is such things which add points and not due to the sales of products. I was equipped with all such information now but my father could not reject the pursual and bought a ticket for the initial business presentation (yeah this too adds up to his points earning).

I knew everything. I did not want to go. But I was forced to go. But I didn’t know that it would boost my confidence πŸ™‚ Many people had gathered there to “explore” and “understand” this new “business opportunity” which would help then earn “lakhs of rupees” and give them “life long security”. But they were clueless unlike me. So a person with all enthusiasm started talking to me outside the venue. We were there half an hour early. He wondered what this would be about. I gave all the details I had in a very calm voice, in a very clear manner and without a bit of exaggeration. I told only what I knew. He asked many questions and I answered. I also told the hidden cost “to register 6.5k”. He was totally disillusioned. He said “I am a business man. I own a shop to sell dresses in Rajajinagar. If I invest 6.5k there and work hard I would “surely” gain more returns. Also I would make my customers happy. Thank you very much sir for enlightening me”. He was very happy to have avoided falling into trap. He was disappointed that he had wasted time to come here instead of sitting at his shop but he was happy that he wont waste any more time now, not even the presentation. He tore the Rs.30 ticket and handed over to me his visiting card and asked me to visit him. He left.

I was proud of myself. I could really do marketing. I can really speak and sell something. This is yet another achievement of my convincing power ! (( Another achievement about my convincing power I am proud of, was to make a girl laugh, who was weeping over having got less marks in the board exams. That is for some other day! ))

But I didn’t have the liberty not to attend the presentation. I went through the brainfart for the evening but returned home very satisfied with my deed of saving a person and feeling good about myself.

Sorry if I hurt someone who is into the business. I am sure you are doing it, knowing what you are doing. But I must say people gain tremendous confidence in this business and improve their inter-personal skills beyond imagination. They think of themselves as huge self sufficient business men where as others are cheap bonded laborers. They communicate better than before, become huge convincing salespersons – selling dreams and products and memberships and all. What they perhaps don’t understand is the behind-the-back impression people might have about them.

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2 thoughts on “Am not way :)

  1. RK,

    These ppl are totally irritating. After all those talks, I got used to one product – The shampoo and now boom everybody is gone. Nobody to give me the regular supply. Totally sick – the way the whole thing works.

    The ones who passionately pursue you to take a membership and go gaga over the products would themselves opt out of it soon and pretend like they were never in it.

  2. Citric acid,
    Ha! glad someone read the long post and commented too !
    I guess they give up the "business" after failing to get enough people to become members. The business is all about getting more members and less about selling the products- products is just a face mask. Btw, do you want to be introduced to this person (subject of my post) so that you could get your shampoo ? πŸ˜‰

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