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Some posts on first kiss!

June 2nd 2007 in Fun

Confused wrote about his own

That sunny day we were sitting in her car, behind India Gate, eating peanuts. When suddenly the mood hit me…..

and later did a meme. Was fun to read few posts, here I link’em.

Sakshi :

It was the kiss that ended my relationship with my boyfriend – And no, it was not because he was such a bad kisser and no, it was not the kiss that made me do it – well it was, except it was not his kiss. Now, before you all get the idea that I was cheating or randomly kissing other men, Let me back up and set the story up…


We were alone. I was so nervous, I couldn’t have spelled my name at this point. He was there, I was there, and no one else was. Wow….

Born a Libran

Hero: Actually, I have never been… blissed before… I mean kissed before…

Experience: What? I dont think we are ready for that yet.

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A mention and small comments on the movies I have seen over last few weeks – In pursuit of happyness, Black Firday, Ekalavya, Nishabd, Salaam-e-ishq

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