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Bhoomi Jaatre

May 29th 2007 in Articles

Fireflies Music Festival:
Attended the whole night music festival. I enjoyed it thoroughly. It was good to get a chance to look at and hear various instruments – one standing tall at 7-8 feet, another instrument whose playing is declining. The different varieties of music – jazz , bawl, nadaswaram, classical, western classical, qawwali etc were a joy to ears. If only I had learnt music, I could have enjoyed it even more. Few of them got once-more requests and they continued much more than their allotted time. Overall, a different, good experience.
Harp Courtesy:Jace.
Last year’s report and photos. This year’s report and photos

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Posts of other few events I attended would follow.

Heegadre hege – A play.:
This is a funny play formed after putting together 3 different stories of T. Sunandamma. One talks about the Kannada vs English, one dream about winning the lottery, another about the life of writers, life after retirement. All make us look at […]

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