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Today I met an interesting person. He smiled to me as if we have known for years and talked to me quite nicely. I was asked my background details – to an extent about what my mother does, whether the house is rented or owned – the kind of details people normally don’t ask on the first or second meeting. A very friendly person, I thought.

We bumped into each other quite a few times in the day. I was asked about my interests and my career goal. As he had seen me reading Kalam’s book in the morning and due to the further talks regarding how India should do progress etc , the natural progress of the talk made me say I would be doing something different than coding. When asked when would I start on own, I was cautious – because once earlier I had told someone else – like in 5 yrs – which is already over for a matter of fact – and he had asked me various questions about my plan, ideas, strategies, path etc to none of which I had any clear answer to give. Also he showed me the reasons why I can’t achieve whatever I wanted. He was true, he was practical. So this time, I said may be 15 years later – and this again worked negative. This person said why so late , motivated people dont wait for things to happen and other such things. He also gave examples of Suresh Kamath starting with Rs200 (incidentally he worked there earlier) or that of Narayana Murthy. Lot of talk happened regarding the evils of working and that we should become self-sufficient and blah blah.

Later again in the evening we met again. He now enquired what I would be doing at home. I was very pumped up with Ubuntu installation and tweaks and I told about it enthusiastically. This was met with cold reaction. Computer here in office, computer at home, he sighed. How many years technical work, he asked. I was suddenly feeling inferior and my enthusiastic bubble had burst. (( No this does not affect me in long term but I keep meeting people who have totally opposite views and what bothers me is that they look down upon other activities..what puts me off is incoherent trivialisation – like when I said I would like to buy an iPhone a moron said “Why iphone, instead go trekking like me”. You don’t believe me, do you. I’ve met such characters. Even after days later, I will be dumbfounded at their nitwittism )). I said I don’t watch TV and I should do something to pass my time. He said “Time _pass_ ?! Don’t tell like that. I don’t have free time.”. I felt that he is asking me to ask him what does he do. I asked, though something inside me told me not to.

He said “I run a business”. I got very curious and asked him what business. He said “he would tell me some other time in detail.” I felt uncomfortable but did not show that. We left in bus and I did not want to ask anything further.

I thought about lot of things. How people have different priorities. How few people succeed and how others fail. How some people strive to get somewhere but some people just get lucky to be dashed by opportunities. Also about failures on the same line. Don’t know when I fell asleep.

When I woke up, I just looked back at everything. Suddenly, I have a strong suspicion about his business. It would be “viral marketing” Amway. Everything fits. Including the hesitation to talk about it.

Will update this post later.

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4 thoughts on “Trivial

  1. Have had similar experiences n times now and try not to entertain conversations with "overly" enthusiastic ppl nowadays…!!

    btw, iphone and trekking…!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Chaitra, you are smart. I had to sleep and wake up before my eyes were cleared πŸ™‚

    Sathish, I was caught unaware πŸ™ And regarding iPhone and trekking, its highly idiotic so lets not waste time understanding the (unexisting) logic

    Nks, You won the bet !

    Check out my next post for an update !

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