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Using quotes for any occassion has become my favorite activity. So I wrote this for my last mail!

Was wondering “Where is the good in goodbye? (Meredith Willson)” but found solace in the thought “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard. (Carol Sobieski)” and looking forward to meet you again because “We only part to meet again. (John Gay)” .

As you know, today is my last day at office. It was wonderful working here and and more importantly knowing you all. Thank you for all the guidance and support. Would take away lot of lessons and happy memories. Wishing you all health, happiness, wealth and success in your life and career.

Would love to stay in touch.
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My send off coincided with the birthday party and we cut cake. Usually birthday parties have this ragging session, but in my case I duly accepted to sing a song! So the torture it was to them, not me 🙂 I had gone prepared to sing “Tere bina zindagi se koi”
I had also thought of few points I wanted to say in my parting speech but suddenly I either turned emotional or got stage-fear and said something else. Some colleagues spoke about me – one observed I can become good manager rather than growing in technical lead. Though he meant it as a compliment, it was against what I had projected to become! Another said that I keep my calm under all circumstances and I am cool and my motto is to enjoy life. Felt good. My supervisor told I have determination and I have patience to allow others to complete their talk. Good listening power. There were few fellas who had worked very close with me, who were not present on occasion, that saved embarrassment for me 🙂

Talking about office, I have left my mark – in the form of analog clock on the desktop 🙂 I was very impressed with the clock that was just introduced with google desktop and since the whole app just for the clock was not too much, I downloaded Alwact clock (freeware) along with the skins. I spread it to few people and over the time it just got spread to each and every system in the office. I was about to become the similar reason for yet another app – OutlookOnDesktop. Also I pioneered the MondayMorningLalbaugh practice – I went to office afternoon on Mondays if I had come to Blore. This was soon followed by other Bloreans and they even went a step ahead – they went to Lalbagh on Fridays (leaving the office around noon) and returned in Monday lalbagh !!

Enjoyed those outings and eat-outs. And as usual at every place I have gone, I have met interesting people whom I am going to surely miss.

Life is like Sea. As vast as you can imagine; As deep as you can think. Don’t waste time measuring your life. You won’t succeed.
Instead, explore life. Reach for new harbours as you pass through different phases of life. Make friends on each destination. Enjoy your journey.

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