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How to announce your death to the world using WordPress

May 17th 2007 in Tech, Thoughts

I have been thinking about the blogs getting orphaned after the owner’s death. Am sure, readers do not have any type of personal contact with most of the bloggers they read. So they would not come to know about any sad happening. They might keep checking on the site or the empty feed might remain in the reader. Sad.

In our embedded systems, we have a concept called “Watch Dog timer“.

A watchdog timer is a computer hardware timing device that triggers a system reset if the main program, due to some fault condition, such as a hang, neglects to regularly service the watchdog (writing a “service pulse” to it, also referred to as “petting the dog”).

Unfortunately, there is no way to reset the human life. However I found an analogy to this in WordPress and a variation of this concept would let me achieve what I want – To announce my death to my blog readers.

It works like this. WordPress has “post timestamp” feature,screenshot.jpg where if you set the time in future and publish the post, the post automatically gets posted at that time. So I can do a post called

“Hello Readers, I think I have left on a journey to heaven. Unless there is internet access from there, it is unlikely that this blog is going to be updated :) Be good. Cya later

or anything you would want to tell your blog readers. And set the date to say a week or a month in future depending on how frequently (for sure) you are going to access your blog. So, like watchdog servicing, before that time, pet this timer – change the time to next interval and publish. In the unlikely event of your death, after the interval, you would be announcing the news of your death in an unique way. Blog can thus serve a purpose even after your death.

There are few risks :
1. If the server is down and you can not re-schedule the time and server wakes up. Then you would be getting to hear condolences and reactions to your death !
2. If you estimate/usually access the site within a normal time frame but unfortunately if you could not do it.


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