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Titanic remix

March 8th 2007 in Fun

Some creative soul at work. Enjoyable and danceable.
Hear Titanic Indian remix here:

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“Titanic remix”
Thea Westra


Are you the RK who left a comment at my blog http://life-coach-thea.blogspot.com on 5 March 2007?
I'm trying to find that blogger.


Goa Year End Bash

New year eve was spent in Goa. A sincere attempt to record the happenings for historical records is being done now (after a month of the tour)! To go to the Goa like the DCH way, mostly with those whom the DCH was watched was a wish since long. No one knows […]

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An old farmer and a young farmer are standing at the fence talking about farm-lore, and the old farmer’s phone starts to ring. The old farmer just keep talking about herbicides and hybrids, until the young farmer interrupts “Aren’t you going to answer that?”

“What for?” Says the old farmer.

“Why, ’cause it’s ringing. Aren’t you going […]

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