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Favorite Love Songs

February 14th 2007 in Life

Here is my list of favourite (love related (( need not be romantic, right? :) )) ) songs, the recent ones.

  1. Javeda Zindagi (Tose Naina Lagey) – Anwar
  2. Tu Jo Nahin – Woh Lamhe
  3. Jiya Dhadak Dhadak Jaye – Kalyug
  4. Rabba – Musafir
  5. Tere Bin : Bas Ek Pal
  6. Kitni Baatein – Lakshya
  7. Ishq Hota Nahi Sabhi Ke Liye – Joggers Park
  8. Chanda Re – Sapnay
  9. O Saathi Re (Omkara)

Thats from the top-of-my-head list…There are surely many other songs which I like very much. But some of these songs have this knack of grabbing my attention towards them and making me listen to them actively. Some of these just make me close my eyes. I can listen to some of over and over again and thus are favorites but some of them I can not listen to more than once, I will be so moved to stop and thus are more favorite than others.

Which are your favorite ones ?

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“Favorite Love Songs”
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