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Happy Feet

February 13th 2007 in Movie Reviews, Movie talk

Image from WarnerBros
Immediately after watching United93, went into Happy feet. It was quite some time that I watched back2back ! Happy feat is, well, a cute movie about Penguins. The hero, Mambo or Mamble, is born with a bad throat and can not sing.This is unusual among his species, who sing for almost every other reason. And thus he finds himself odd-manpenguin-out. But our Mambo is gifted with dancing. He is also a person penguin who is brave enough to go after his difficult mission and he has a bigger mission than to cry over his shortcoming. He considers his mission to be even more than the love of his life. Thus he goes out to find why there are no fishes, who is taking them and to ask them not to do it. He manages to find that aliens (humans) were taking away the fish ! During his quest and during other times, there are many sequences with adventure, fear, sorrow, happiness. It is serious movie you see, and unlike the cartoon series which put me to sleep !
I liked many scenes, in no particular order:
1. Mambo fights for the fish, for Gloria. And then later says “Eat the damn fish”.
2. The big sharks play volleyball with penguins.
3. Mambo finds itself in zoo/acquarium and tries to talk to his parents who were not there and whose impression melts out.
4. The dialogue – You have done everything penguinly possible (Now I keep saying to console myself “I have done everything ravikiranly possible” ).
5. The dialogue “Size may be daunting, but I love you”. I am sure I will use this sometime :)
6. The scene when Mambo fights Gloria and sends her back, the fight is so cute (like hum-tum fight). I did not expect Gloria to return! Then the next scene with the lillyputs trying to defend Mambo’s actions (Forgot the dialogues).
7. There were many other dialogues that were so good that I want to watch it again and note them down! Some of them are found here and here.
8. The dance choreography was first class !
9. The scene where mambo asks “why are you taking our fish”.
Happy ending was not foreseen but anything but that would have been a tragedy. A hurried climax shows that fishing is stopped by humans,thus helping penguins. Comedy, adventure, music-n-dance and all other ingredients, its a complete entertainment package. Wholly recommended.
The film is dedicated to Steve Irwin.
If there is a choice, which there was always, I always avoided to see the animated movies, for some reason, and used to go for real movies. But with this, I have changed and I watched Iceage1(for second time) and Cars yesterday. Other normal people graduate from seeing cartoon series to natural movies, I am graduating in the reverse direction I guess :)
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“Happy Feet”

this film is nice and good for time pass.the animation is very beautiful.
i didnt see a film like this in my life .because it is the characters in this
film is so nice .the penguin is so cute.


this film is nice and good for time pass.the animation is very beautiful.
i didnt see a film like this in my life .because it is the characters in this
film is so nice .the penguin is so cute.i can see the hard work to make the film very sucessful.

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