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Finally I decided to read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. It was another huge novel after Shantaram. I took nearly 2 months to finish reading. I was tempted to skip sentences/paragraphs many a time but resisted it. Every possible analysis about the book might have been said and written by now. A single novel to include different aspects – like philosophy, suspence, romance, emotion, fiction, politics – itself was pretty exciting.
I kept hearing “Who is John Galt ?” during my other activities too. I read speech on Money and John Galt’s speech few more times after I finished the novel.
This is John Galt Speaking :
If I had made notes while reading the book itself, there were many points I would have liked to make. There were dialogues and instances which I saw coming (like guy talking to Eddie was J) and others which I did not, which surprised me( Taggart’s speech on radio, her barging into John’s world, Rearden’s reaction after hearing radio speech, the suicide of james’ wife), which I liked(when Taggart is in trouble she tries to do one thing at once and next the other, to keep working and not having time to feel – I like this approach and I am following it these days) and which I disliked ( I did not like it when Taggart falls for Rearden and later when she falls for Galt again I was feeling strange!, felt bad for Eddie, Fris, Rearden ) . There were so many other points I would have liked to make a note and ramble about it. But actually, all that can ever be said/written must have been done already!
I may not face red-tapism but there is something that hits strongly, something that can be applied to my/our life.
My favorite chapters are The Sanction of the Victim,Atlantis,The John Galt Line
Would like to read other novels by the same author.

Ha..if the movie is made, Jolie would play Dagny!! I kept thinking of Kate Winslet while reading.

When I am reading a book, I do it passionately (( I think I do almost everything passionately – I dont know if the word is right. I chat with complete interest, I talk with complete interest, I listen with complete interest, I work with complete interest, I write mails with vigour, I plan with zeal, I perform many activities as if there is nothing else to do but for that. Few exceptions are perhaps talking on phone – while I am seeing something on computer,”eating”, reading for exams)). I mean, there were times I went late to office only because I kept reading, I came early from office whenever possible, I used to sleep late and I keep talking about the book with whom ever I meet. The story absorbs me. Even to stop to post a blog seems waste of time and a delay causing element. Same with browsing, doing something else on computer, watching movies or watching TV. And when it ends I laze away time like anything. Havent picked up another book seriously so far. I oversleep, I browse a lot etc. This book travelled with me many times to and fro Blore-Chennai, it also travelled to Goa.

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