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I attended Chennai International Film Fest, mainly to watch TFLW and I saw few others too. It is very late to review but few sentences about them :
1) Sringaram : This is a movie based on Devadasi practice. With that and revolt against it as backdrop, this movie is actually about dancing and beauty – beauty of dialogues, of leading lady, of picturisation, of the colours. Coming from a first timer director, the making certainly is very good. The choreography apparently has won National Award.
2) Time for women : This is a funny movie. It keeps hinting through out but ends in an expected anti-climax.
3) Familia: Good picturisation and the way the complexities are shown/woven into the plot give a good outlook about the movie. The story may be very bollywoodish, but the presentation is different.

4) CRAZY Frankly did not understand about the intention of this movie until I read about it later. However some catchy dialogues and humour.
5) TFLW : The movie, as many have noted, sheds its movie feel very soon and audience becomes a part of the happenings on the screen. The humour, the drama, the events, the dialogues, the emotions are very real and is obvious given the fact that this is a leaf out of real life. More than the movie itself, the praise is for the effort that went into its making. Third attempt, for 7 years never-say-die attitude, finance probs, cast probs, few of the things are known thru his blog, tell us much about it. Before the show, it is told that, its based on real people, but how real is told at the end after which the admiration goes a notch higher ! The screen is dark at many places and it is getting corrected it seems. My favorite scenes – the beach scene with 4 guys, another beach -lets dance – scene and the proposal scene. The Evam guy lights up the scene and without him the screen would have been less brighter. But the rest of the casting is also very perfect for the characters. If this had happened before DCH, (it was conceptualized 7 yrs before, meaning before DCH), it would have lead the pack of come-of-age feel-good and identify-ourself classics containing DCH, Hyderabad Blues etc.
6) Milarepa – Good with intentions but put me to sleep. Short on building-up and detailing and stricter editing. Incidentally it seems this is based on actual story, and the work is in progress for 2nd part.

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