Metamorphosis is a story about a person who is overnight transformed into an huge insect. How he copes with that, how it affects his family members is the crux of the book. The story is a light read. The book I read had many other essays discussing the story and its inner meaning. It seems some feelings of the protagonist are close to real life of the author. The analysis section also pointed out the few fallacies and justifications, meanings to various sentences in the story. The essays occupied more space than the story itself in the book and thus I have possibly read every opinion possible and some of them resembled to what I had in mind.
Again I feel I should have made some notes during reading. One thing I liked in the real life of Kafka is that he was possessed by writing. He often felt “his life” itself was a distraction to his writing. He used to write almost whole of his night (its 3 am as I write this) and used to work in the day. Someday I would like to do something as possessively as that, if there was a reason for my birth, my existence, it should be for me to perform that. I dont know what it is and I do not know if that will happen, till then I will keep talking big things like this 🙂