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My scattered views as expressed over a chat (with cousin) is here :
Did I like it??
Not entirely…felt something is missing… but an excellent movie overall.
There was no punch in climax…there was no punch in anything he did…the intensity is there in terms of the dialogues than acts… there are only hints..not the exact actions.
What happened to “saala”
What happened to his another friend
What happened to madhavan/mithun
Why is guru “great” ?
Why is guru “bad” ?
Does the end justify means ?
The dialogue baazi in courtroom was not strong enough….ppl expected to see Ambani story etc
And the songs…were hindering the flow
once again the same feel….”it could have been better”
Madhavan had told he never has or never will kiss onscreen…was shocked to see that scene,
it was not definitely needed..
Vidya just accepted for the sake of Mani Ratnam I guess…and Ash probably to spend time with Abhi 🙂 (and bcoz of Mani factor) but has done well and looks good.
Yeah, thats pretty much my views. I liked the making of the movie (even dont mind a second watching), the impressive acting, picturisation, songs etc (Especially after realizing how much effort goes into the art, after reading this informative interview of Rajiv Menon). But somehow the story did not hit me. Only one point I would like to take away is, just keep working at it. Do not get distracted, keep working, keep dreaming.
Also, here is Arun’s review of Guru.
Here is another interesting review of Mani’s movies.

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