Like last year, I will look back and ahead.
>>Read 10 (at least) novels/general books. And at least 4 technical books
Ha! I think I failed on the count of general books but almost made more than the target in technical books. To be frank, I did not read the complete books, but at least it was better than previous year. Watched lotsa movies.
>>Wake up before a fixed time in the morning – any day/any weather/any going-to-bed-time
Pretty much there….except on few days. And those few days is either because I sleep late or I am not at peace (the first one is not a valid reason as it had been covered in the goal but second one is a reasonable one)
>>Visit/ spend time with “relatives”
NA now…. 🙁
>>To *reduce* money spent on movies. Instead watch “plays” and invest in “books”
Partly success…like last time, books are being bought.
>>Go on at least 4 tours
Failed, but went to 2
>>Take food at same time everyday.
>>Donate blood at least 3 times.

Toured Siddarabetta, Ranganatittu, Madikeri,Abhey falls, Kollur,Murudeshwar,Sringeri,,TTDC resort, Goa
Bought BikeBought bike
Got done lasik
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Goal Settings:
>>Most importantly, try to achieve previously set goals.
And to keep this in mind.
>>Come out with a concrete plan and roadmap for what I want to achieve in long term in terms of career.