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Well, its quite a long time since I actively posted anything. I love being busy. I love sleeping. Both of those do not mean the same 🙂 Various reasons I can think of for not jotting down, but finally all explanations is saying one-n-only reason in different ways. That reason is something else took priority or interest over blogging.
But I did plenty of bloggable activities and have decided to dedicate few posts. So posts, some of them old, will appear here.
There are some changes in the site, notably for visitors is the inclusion of ads. It is right now very disorganised and looking not too clean, but hope to clean it up sometime. I am also aware that the ads this blog might attract might not earn me anything (because I write only about my life or about movies), yet I just wanted to experiment. So if you visit the site, click on these ads and help me in my experiment! For me the major change is the change of the host from negimaki to weblogs.us. As of now there are lot of uptime issues with weblogs.us, but hope it would get better soon. Negimaki is an excellent host but I wanted few more liberties than I could get over there. Among other changes on the site would be to experiment with whole lot of themes and plugins.

So what was I upto all these days (that could be blogged about) – I watched lotsa movies (as usual) – some of them as a part of Chennai Film Fest, read few books, went on a goa trip, read read and read on internet.
Looking ahead, I have some thoughts to make this space meaningful and pretty regular.

If sleep or something else does not take a higher priority, then. For now, posts are following.

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