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Dhoom by Rangan:

THE censor’s certificate for Dhoom 2 has the number of reels as 16, which approximates to roughly two-and-a-half hours. But I’ll let you in on a little secret – the content, such as it is, barely fills up a couple of hours. So what’s with the extra thirty minutes, you ask? For the slow-motion shots, of course…..Heck, even Uday Chopra is allotted a quota of slow-motion.

I noticed that even basket ball is treated just like the stars, that it gets its time of glory in slow motion. The basket ball and the turn-by-turn bullet is slowest-crap!!

Oz in DT

I am in all awe of the screenwriter Vijay Krishna Acharya who accomplished such a difficult task of taking around 150 fashion photos of all Dhoom 2’s actors and writing a screenplay around it. And under Aditya Chopra’s tutelage has invented a new kind of screenplay. One that contains the portfolio of the film’s actors all striking a pose… and then with great pain he has to spoil the pictures by scribbling some dialogues over each of those pictures…

I don’t see Aditya Chopra being very happy as he saw Shri Vijay Krishna Acharya spoiling the 150 pictures by scribbling dialogues over them. If Chopra had it his way Dhoom 2 would be a motion picture of still photography where the 150 pics are held together and the right edge is quickly flicked through to give the impression of motion… in a picture.

There is this age old notion that many (if not most) people with eye popping physical beauty are actually “dumb”. Dhoom 2 stamps it’s signature on this notion… for the scenes have never looked so pretty, the actors so mindblowing handsome, the locales ever so gorgeous and an iota of intelligence – so absolutely invisible from the first to the sixteenth reel…..

If Chopra and Sanjay Gadhvi the director, had it their way, dialogue writers will be banned from Bollywood in the next few years. Stories will revolve around stunts, crashes, parachute jumps, wire stunt plays and ofcourse models… who enter in a scene with a background music that makes you lose your hair faster and upsets your stomach at cheetah speed.

And another movie review blog I hopped through and a good review of Dhoom could be found here.
As for me, have seen quite awful films like Apna Sapna Money Money, himse arasai(mostly bcoz i didnt understand it)..and good ones like Casino Royale. Haven’t had time or interest to review those. My blog is not being updated with anything other than reviews and that bothers me.

Also saw Dhoom2 and was disappointed in more ways than one. I guess Abhishek’s dialogue “Mujhe laga Kya pyaar hai, kya aadmi hai ..phir laga kya bhakwas hai” suits to movie like a T like this “pehle mujhe laga kaisa movie hoga, aise log hai…phir laga kya bhakwas hai”. With such a jaw dropping star cast and with such a superb foundation in the previous edition, so much could have been achieved if there was an intention to give a good movie. But alas, the intention itself was misplaced – as every other review will highlight- only to showcase the people. What an irony that the first part was a landmark in Abhi’s career, just hope that this does not turn the graph back in his career. He, Ash are so pathetic that I have no words. Second Bips(No clue why first Bips was removed and a sis was introduced ..and both of them didn’t have anything to do in the movie) and Uday compete with these fellows. Hrithik (for a part) and first Bips were ok to say the maximum. As far the implausibles, there is a huge list which is a waste of time to look into. But as Rangan says

Why all this fuss in a film that hired Bipasha Basu for the sole reason that she could put on a Baywatch-red swimsuit and jog… in slow motion?

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