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Jote joteyali :

The hero of Nenapirali was the only reason that I planned to see this. There was a flurry of opinions as soon as I exited the hall. Bulleting the ones I remember now :
1) It closely resembled Sathiya. I had thought Sathiya was already remade to Kannada but bro disagrees. Anyways, the resemblance is superficial and though there are similarities, things are different here.
2) Wrt to above or otherwise, I felt something crucial missing out in the story and this is becoming very normal these days , both here and in bollywood. The audience is just expected to believe the missing flesh in a relationship. For eg, the hero sees heroine and starts dancing and we are to assume he is in love. Perhaps it was love at first sight, but it continues with heroine too – she falls after reading his “sentimental” love letter where he is supposed to have poured out his love but audience is not told what was written in there.
3) Predictability is a major thing that makes me not appreciate the story. I could almost guess every other scene.
4) Using an established star to get an ad contract was intuitive and thumbs up for that. Very satisfied with the use of guest appearance of Darshan.
5) I absolutely hate the climax – a villian who was nowhere till then, pops out and becomes a reason for “unifying” the couple who was just waiting for divorce. Totally meaningless. I agree that it was to appease some section who want a fight in the climax but isn’t there any way out than to fall back on the age-old trick ?
6) Had not seen any Ramya’s film, looks like she can easily do roles with greater flexibility.

Khosla ka ghosla:
Enjoyed it right from the word go and for the most of the movie. More movies like this should be made. It is different, it is simple and it makes you smile. Some scenes were somewhat out of place – like Anupam Kher offering drinks to his son – it looked as though he had just then adopted his son. But other things like involving drama teacher (Navin Nischol) as a person to act as business man was wonderful. His performance is first rate as is Anupam Kher’s or Boman Irani’s and then everybody else’s. And the confused son played by Ranvir Shorey looked like he did not act at all – he must be so puzzled in his life too 🙂 Liked those songs too. Feel good, totally timepass and worthy movie.

I had read many many reviews before watching the movie but thankfully none of them contained spoilers (like my reviews do). So there was still something left to be watched and boy, I was as clueless as any. By reading the reviews I made few observations. Every movie has likers and dislikers but this being the remake theoritically had four combinations : those who liked both versions, those who disliked one but liked the other and those who disliked both. Above that there were people who either like me had forgotten the original version or hadn’t seen the earlier one and these could like/dislike the movie on its own merit. So that increases the variety of reviews one can get 🙂

Going a little back, when I saw the poster of Don being directed by Farhan, I surely disliked it. I mean, Farhan gave a refreshing look to the whole thing and gave a cult classic which is the No 1 favorite of most people of my generation, falling back to do a remake. That too a remake of old successful film ? I decided not to forgive Farhan. If he really wanted to remake he could have done any comedy or romantic movie or even something that was there in some other language. But instead he takes on to remake an old movie which is a thriller.If he wanted a suspence thriller he could have gone out and designed something on his own – am sure he could have scripted a potboiler, hair raising stuff. How thrilling could a ‘remake’ get ?

But then, after seeing the movie I realised it did make sense (not much though). I might sound like lying, but back when I saw Don few 10 years ago, I was not convinced about Don’s death. How could a “hero” die? How could the one who mouthed the dialogue like “Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi, namumkin hai”. And I was hoping that his death turned out false somehow. It did not happen. I had the same feeling even while watching KNPH, I was all the time thinking Hrithik was not dead afterall and he is the one in Swiss too, till I was told it was not so by my neighbour. Coming back to the topic, I can perfectly understand the Farhan’s mentality – similar to many of us who after watching a movie or after reading a novel , wish we could make some change to the story , we wish if someone was not dead, we wish if someone was dead sooner and things like that. But the advantage with Farhan is that, he could actually go ahead and make the change and release a movie.

Having said all this, I sincerly had no clue what change Farhan was upto untill I had watched the last scene. Those suspence plot changes mentioned in all reviews made me all the more curious. And hence like other purists, I too did not like the changes made, in an immediate reaction. I mean how could the cop himself be the gangster – isn’t this the old stuff again. And how could the Don-look alike could be Don itself ? Nah. But, ok, what else could you have expected the remake to do to make it interesting ? And givent that it was what is wanted, there are no implausible things(considering that this is a movie where a top cop could be a gangster in not implausible).

So how does it fare compared to the original ? Or how SRK fares with respect to BigB ? To both the questions, the answer is similar. This DON is stylish – in making, in looks, in costumes – and is appealing to SRK fans, SRK himself needing to remain loyal to his image and chained by his limitations. Yet, he does a neat job of it. (( Lets face it, any ‘boy’ is eager to find mistakes in SRK and hates SRK for similar reasons that a girl hates Sherawat. The girl next to my seat uttered “sexy” at least twice the number of minutes SRK was on screen)) His stamp is always there , be it ready-to-romance-Kamini or in the indifferent portrayals of //village-man and Don// (Now do not go and claim, that was intentional given the story’s twist) or even in the Paan song. (( The other day, I was asked who would I suggest to replace Amitabh, if I had a chance. The first name that comes to mind is, well SRK, but on second thoughts, Abishek or Dev-brooder-gan.)) Priyanka handles the necessary babe-factor well.

Without a boring moment, this movie deserves pat, despite being a remake.

PS: 1. There were few other things I wanted to say, blame it to procastrination, have forgottem them.
2. Arun wrote review of this movie for rediff 🙂 and due to that or otherwise, we had many discussion over Don and I read many reviews/readers comments. The supporters and bashers are both at extremes – half luuuuvv it and other half hates it.

Umrao Jaan
1) I had not seen the original, so there was some suspence left. I did hope Abhishek ends up at the end. To my surprise, he did not.
2) Had heard that over 1 year of research was done to select the costumes and that over 70 topis were discussed before zeroing on one which is on screen for barely 5 minutes. Which is, just a ok thing. I am never an admirer of over perfection (isn’t there something like that ?) because it somehow misses the point.
3) Somehow could not connect/get involved to/in the movie. Don’t know what worked against it.
4) Was hoping for the song “In ankhon ki masti..” Disppointed that it never came. If Paan song could be remade, why not this ?
5) Hope someone stops RGV and the rest of the men to ‘remake’. Do at least sequels, no ?


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  1. hey bro..
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    Anyway.. nice review on Don 🙂 .. havent watched the other films

  2. Rosh,
    Well, can't say 'frequency,' there was 'no' post! Too many reasons : one, want to avoid posting 'only' about movies. Second, busy with work etc. Third wanted to shift the hosting.
    Lets see how things go next year.

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