1. Thanks for the encouraging words 😉
    I have been a lurker even after having a blog for more than two years.

    The idea of writing about Kannada/karnataka excites me very much. After all this is my people and my land 🙂

    I strongly believe that the quality of public discourse(including blogs) in kannada/ regarding kannada needs to see a revolution.

    This starts with us, kannadigas writing.

    The culture of a people is best captured in the words of its people and their actions. Not every verse is 'gadugina bharatha', but we need to engage in the conversation. Let us not be too modest about ourselves now.

    Happy writing 🙂

  2. Can I make a suggestion?

    You and your friends write so well on Bollywood movies. Can you take up reviewing a kannada classic once in a week?

    Perhaps this blog – http://www.landoflime.com/archives/category/writi… – can be an inspiration?

    I heard a song from vishnuvardhan starrer Swabhimana – nanna haaDu nannadu.
    I remember swabhimana with some melancholy. It was a different movie.

    Sorry, I'm getting carried away here. I'll leave the reviews to you 😀

  3. Pradeep,
    Thanks for the suggestion and compliment.
    As you know my situation – being outside Karnataka, without personal computer, I can not do regular watching/blogging…good suggestion but…someday I will do that happily …

    As you already know, I review every Kannada movie/nataka I watch…

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