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Gaurav has translated Phu La Deshpande’s marathi essay “Mumbaikar, Punekar ..”. Makes an interesting and fun read. I loved these parts and I kept on nodding “Yes yes..I know people like this…”

Firstly, do not nurse the notion that you are inferior to anyone in any aspect of life. You are not. You are a superior being. Secondly, learn to express dissent on every issue possible. I mean seriously, stop thinking about minor things like who you are, how educated or uneducated you are, what your achievements are….. don’t think about any of these things and just express a contradictory opinion. Whatever the topic under discussion, your opinion needs to be strongly voiced, and it has to be contrarian. Even if the topic under discussion is “How to get the American economic machine back on track”, and you are just an employee of the Pune Municipal Corporation’s Rat Extermination Department, don’t let it stop you from holding forth.

Dissent is of primary importance. Logic is secondary.


Phone mannerisms and that public speech is good too.

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