Once I was walking with Sai and there was a 5 or 7 star hotel. The entrance itself looked majestic what with 2 security guards and all. I whispered “One day I shall enter and have a ball here”, to which Sai replied in lighter vein “Say one day you will own it” (( I had had made such huge sentences earlier but then, I had lost it somewhere)). “Yeah, I said, if I am dreaming why should I dream small. Dream big!” (( Our headmaster in my 10th had told a story where our aim should be for gold, then at the least we shall get silver or something on that lines.)) Suddenly I realized that I am not dreaming enough and in someways surrendering myself to the realities.

So I have decided to drop my dream of travelling abroad either from organisation (onsite) or on personal tour. There goes my long held dream out of the tiny window. I want to upgrade my dream.

I want to travel in space. Like Ansari.

Dreams are, after all, dreams.

Most people I talk to do not have any dreams. Not the possible ones. Not the impossible ones. I am not sure if the growing up, at one point, manages to curb that beauty of dreaming that we all have enjoyed during our childhood. I am sure all of us have dreamt on something or another. To fly a plane. By becoming invisible and punishing those who irritate us. To be all powerful with an all powerful gun and car. Such like.
Coming back to the point, the other day, when we were waiting for our big boss to come and address our gathering at a star hotel, I, in as usual blabbering mood, said “One day I shall come like this and address and there shall be people waiting for me”. To this Vishnu smiled and said, “Good..so you want to become an entrepreneur”. I smiled and asked what about him. What has he wanted to do or become. He said “I do not get any such ideas at all. All my ideas sorround my village and never leave my village. I want to have a large cattle farm.” I was all ears.
“You see people in our village pay Rs 12 per litre of milk. They need to get it from outside. I am sure if we self manage, it can be made available for just Rs 6. There are many such things I want to do that will help our village” I was very happy to listen to some dream. And it is very unlike of the gibberish I do – without a plan, without a direction. While I maintain this blog and spend time to talk all about my life, intentions with a self-focussed tagline “Life, thoughts and opinions of a Known Stranger”, he is striving to bring up a site for his village. (( And I take small credit in suggesting him about websites and providing him links like this.)) More power to dreamers like this who might just realize the development of India by believing in Gandhiji’s belief that villages’ development is India’s development.

PPS: This is a light post. A serious one about why I feel giving up is not bad, will follow sometime.

5 thoughts on “Upgrading the dream

  1. hey Ravi..this is good one..yes we have to dream… I believe people will definetly get what they dream..
    Your writing made me introspect about my dream…
    keep it up;-)

  2. Hey sir….Way too good….What would be a life without a dream is but hard to imagine….Dreams are, what we live on (and may be what we should die for too…)

    As Martin Luther King, Jr. put it "I have a dream……" 🙂

    Waitin for you next article…

  3. Hi…good post…but since you are dreaming, as well dream big. My father used to say this – Aim to marry the queen, then only you might get the cook. This was in reference to the exams. If you aim for 100, you will end up getting 35. But what if you start aiming for 35. God Save you 🙂

    That's the way it is!!!!

  4. Sunil,
    Thankoo. Thanks to you, I read that speech.
    Exactly. I used to read only for 5 questions and used to skip some chapters thinking they were humanely impossible to complete. Then I used to attempt only 4 questions! But when I looked at few classmates, they used to read it all. Then once I gave a try and I could read everything too. Its we who limit ourselves.
    But, there is a small difference in the context. You are talking about aim and I am talking about dream. Aim is a practical dream with deadline, and you can see my dreams are not that practical nor do they have any deadline.