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Oh just our suffer, one Sara waitings
Sun sad comings, is giving man zeal of loves (Kiski Tea)

ae mere humsafar, ik zara intezaar
sun sadaayen, de rahi hain, man-zil pyaar ki

I am not in my own public transport.
Deal is somewhere and I am somwhere.
Coin a stop heart’s Hindi serial
The pickle is gone 🙁
ah ah aaa haaa aah (MisGuide)

apne hi bas mein nahin main
dil hain kahin aur hoon kahin main
koi-na roko dil ki Udaan ko
dil voh chala
ah ah aa haaa aah

My Daughter-In-Law is a moon, You are a bar in Mumbai
door is next to Daughter-In-Law, sridevi told (gvenum)

chaand mera dil, chandni ho tum
chaand se hai door, chandni kahaan

Such and more fun cometh here. A 30 word odd post of out-of-the-world creativity gets 174 comments. Anybody can beat that ?

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