These days I am playing the snake game on my mobile. I knew about it earlier but had never played. Mostly I play it during waiting – for order in hotel, for bus, for someone, whem I am lonely and during other freetime (guess when!). It is a simple game alright, but a small lapse of action(keypress) or concentration or foresight can end the game and thus the effort so far. Though it can be played passively, I play it actively, so that no other thought bothers me. With a timelimit, it could have been made even more difficult.

Well, the post is not to discuss as simple a game as that. Recently someone ((a whiner, about whom a book can be written and who takes, these days, all the credit for the fun I have,in his absense)) observed that “Hey why are you playing that game always..isn’t that too simple..there are many other interesting games …”
To which I involuntarily replied “This game is present in my mobile and however it its, I believe in playing well the games I have instead of worrying myself about the games that are not in my mobile”. It tangentially was an answer to something else in a subtle way, which I am sure did not reach him.

Later when I recalled that impromptu statement, I feel that is very true with me ((reminds me of a quote from IISc Prof who taught us Transmission and Switching – damn I forgot his namethanks to anon in comment, his name is Prof Ashok Rao- he had said “These days every one says ‘I want to do good projects’ no body says ‘I want to do the project good)), naturally. ((There is a huge difference between ambition/need to complaints/cribbing. My ambition has sometimes been misunderstood as complaint by many)) I have had undesirable times with my health, friends, relationships, career and every thing else and each time I just swallowed it. Initially I had to that with the help of thoughts and decision, now it comes naturally to me.

As long as I have this game I will try to play it in a best way possible and will enjoy it. It does not mean I will not buy a new mobile with more challenging and enriching games ((While at it, I will make sure to have Chess on my mobile, Like snake it will be best companion during lonely times)).

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