Shouting at a wall. Listening to echo. Looking at a mirror.

Poem on Lagey raho

September 12th 2006 in Uncategorized

By Pleiades. Another post is also thought provoking.

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What a surprise packet. I hadn’t caught any promotional clips nor had observed the poster carefully and man, I was overwhelmed. Anyone who saw, kept saying, go watch yourself. I will concur that.

Hope you watched. When I had lost all hope on a sequel, after the debacle of the year Phir Hera Pheri, this resurrects […]

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Here Too hilarious, if you have been following those bloggers’ blogs.
Samples :

Me: “I’ll be back guys. Gotta go pee.” Comes back in five minutes. “So did I miss anything?”

Bloggerb: “Umm.. not much. Megha got 18 more comments. Manish wrote four posts at UltraBrown, and made 3 releases of RocketPost. Amit made 11 posts on his […]

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